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Robert Escriva

Things I wish I learned earlier

Things I wish I learned earlier

This website is about sharing information.

I'm a class of 2010 graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Science. In the fall of 2010 I joined the graduate program (in pursuit of my Ph.D.) at Cornell University.

It's safe to say I'm addicted to learning and expanding the scope of our knowledge.

Along the way I've met many great people (too many to name, lest I forget anyone), and I've learned that the information I want is not always readily available -- there have been times I've had to dig hard to find the one piece of information that unlocks the puzzle before me. It's in those times that I typically sit down and write a blog post. I blog not so much to make money (I don't put ads on my site), or to gain readership (although knowing someone else uses what I write is exciting), but so that I (and others like me) can find the solution when I/we need it six months from now. Sometimes the solution is not so simple as a blog post; sometimes it will take more work to solve the problem (whether real or imagined) that I see in front of me. In those cases, I start typically start a new FOSS project (I would prefer to use existing projects where possible).

I've used the tag line, "Things I wish I learned earlier," for this blog as it sums up my feelings. Many of the solutions I describe in my blog have taken hours of my time to create. Other projects (such as Firmant) are ongoing projects with months to years of history behind them.

Welcome to my online dumping grounds for my thoughts and my projects. The blog is relatively low-volume (I can count on one hand how often I blog in a month), so consider subscribing to my atom feed.

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